Acuity Marketing Group

is an internationally recognized collaboration of talented marketing professionals with connections throughout the world.

The officers of the company are highly focused and are actively seeking new product launches targeted to US consumers.

If you are a manufacture or distributor of high quality or unique products and would like to plug into our U.S. distribution channels, we invite you to submit your product to be reviewed by our acute board for approval and preliminary market testing.

We look forward to working with you,

Don Elgie, CEO
Acuity Marketing Group

The #1 Secret to selling Hundreds of Millions of dollars worth of products direct to consumer...

AMG is a proven team of marketing experts specializing in direct-to consumer products.

Over more than three decades, the principles involved in AMG have sold hundreds of millions of products including everything from gold coins and antique clocks to skincare and health supplements.

We understand the #1 secret to selling direct to consumer.

(Keep reading to find out what it is...)
In the last twelve years, AMG has pioneered and launched some of the most successful health supplements in America including...

green drink
fruit drink
hyaluronic acid
vision formula
amino acid formula

Flora Source™ Probiotics

Over 1 million units sold

Secretagogue hGH™

Over 1 million units sold

All Day Energy Greens™

Over 1 million units sold

Oral Guard Dental Spray™

Over 300,000 units sold

Life-Tec Health Bounder™

Over 50,000
units sold

AMG is always in the hunt for two things:

Ideas and Talent.

If you are an entrepreneur, an inventor, a formulator, or an amazing talent for selling direct to consumer, we would love to collaborate or meet with you or even consider making you part of our team.

Now, for the #1 secret to selling hundreds of millions worth of product. The secret boils down to one word:


If you want to master the art of selling direct, the most important word you'll ever use is YOU. You is not you, but the consumer: Mary, Larry, Steve, Bill, Sarah. Plain, honest talk. No trickery. Just the art of saying of saying what you mean. Meaning what you say.

If you found us, you mean something to us. Let us hear from you In plain, honest talk.